Health and Wellness Initiative


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Healthy Communities Start with Us!

This website describes be well’s programs and tools that are designed to help you get well and be well in all areas of your life. You’ll find fun programs and classes for kids and adults, learn where to go for healthy shopping, get references on how to find clinics & health screenings, plus so much more!

Welcome to the be well  Health and Wellness Initiative!

We won’t stop until we have a Block Captain on every street within our six neighborhood zone. If you are a resident of East Montclair, Greater Park Hill, Montbello, Northeast Park Hill, Northwest Aurora or Central Park, we would love to have you as a part of the program. 


Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to help others improve their health and quality of life in our communities? Help us identify these individuals with a be well Award nomination in one of the following categories: 

·       be well Physical Activity Leadership Award: Awarded to a person who has improved their own physical activity habits and has significantly helped others to become more physically active.

·       be well Community Advocate(s) of the Year Award: Awarded to a person whose grassroots advocacy, educational and/or outreach efforts have helped others make informed healthy living decisions and engaged additional people as advocates.

·       be well Preventive Care Leadership Award: Awarded to a person who has helped to significantly raise awareness around the importance of preventive care and connected others to preventive care resources.

·       be well Community Service Award: Awarded to a person, company and/or organization that has provided an outstanding healthy living service(s) to residents (i.e. screenings, physicals, healthy food programs, trash pickup, walking school bus, gardened, hosted fun activities or programs, promoted or advocated for health and wellness in schools).

·       be well Nutrition Leadership Award: Awarded to a person who has improved their own nutrition habits and has significantly helped others to eat more nutritiously.

·       be well Legacy Award: (Award recipient must be 18+ years of age) This award recognizes someone who has done extraordinary work, made extraordinary leadership since the inception of the award in two or more categories listed above. An award may be given to both one adult and one youth (17 years or younger) in each category, except the be well Legacy Award.  NOMINATE NOW at: