Health and Wellness Initiative

The be well Health and Wellness Initiative (be well) seeks to hire a be well School Wellness Project Manager. The be well School Wellness Program collaborates with two school districts, Denver and Aurora, to support the creation, implementation and evaluation of school health policies, practices, built environment changes and school health programs at individual schools in Northeast Denver and Northwest Aurora neighborhoods. Candidates for this role should be experienced with K12 schools and possess the ability to manage a portfolio of relationships within schools. Candidates should also be able to communicate efficiently with stakeholders and execute a vision to improve the health of schools in the be well Zone. The be well Zone is a six-neighborhood area encompassing Northeast Park Hill, Greater Park Hill, East Colfax, Northwest Aurora, Montbello, and Central Park.

The be well School Wellness Project Manager will be responsible for furthering the efforts of be well School Wellness Teams (SWTs) through grassroots engagement with staff, students, parents, teachers, administrators and community partners. School Wellness Teams are comprised of various, diverse stakeholders and meet regularly to create healthier school environments by embedding health and wellness into their schools’ culture and system, as well as demonstrating the critical link between student health and academic achievement.

The be well School Wellness Project Manager will work with SWTs to 1) recruit, sustain and engage participation of members, 2) complete an assessment/inventory to learn the current “health status” of their school, and 3) develop and execute a roadmap (also known as a Community Action Plan [CAP] or School Health Improvement Plan [SHIP]) to improve healthy living at the school. Roadmaps focus on reducing health disparities through policy, systems and environmental changes to create health equity among all students regarding physical activity, nutrition, and mental health. Roadmaps detail measurable goals, objectives, and strategies using a timeline to track progress.

The be well School Wellness Project Manager will be accountable for and have overall responsibility for the success of be well SWTs in Northeast Denver and Northwest Aurora. Success for this role will be measured by:

  • Sustaining current SWTs and developing new SWTS, as necessary and appropriate
  • Representation and engagement from students, parents, teachers, staff, community partners and school leadership on SWTs
  • Implementation of SWT projects and activities to achieve policies, systems and environmental changes as they related to physical activity, nutrition and mental health
  • The impact of SWTs on the overall goals of the be well Health and Wellness Initiative to achieve health equity in the be well Zone 

For more information and to apply for this position, please contact Maureen Bailey at or you can download the job description and application materials here.