Health and Wellness Initiative

Cindy Barajas, NW Aurora Project Manager

Cindy Barajas is the Northwest Aurora Project Manager for the be well Health & Wellness Initiative of the Stapleton Foundation, where she leads various wellness projects in the Northwest Aurora community. Some of those projects include the be well Schools, where she develops, organizes, and facilitates Wellness Teams; the be well Center at Moorhead Recreation Center, where she develops and organizes wellness programming for the community; and the Coalition and Spanish be well Block Captain program for the Northwest Aurora community. Cindy graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology in 2010. Cindy has a decade of community organizing experience in higher education, women’s rights, and public health. Prior to joining the Stapleton Foundation, she was working for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, where she served as the Assistant Site Coordinator. She is passionate about helping others achieve happy and fulfilling lives, because she believes that wellness begins at the individual level. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys hiking and walking trails with her 1 year old daughter, Peace.